East Anglia Instructor Training

Become an Approved Driving Instructor

ADI Tests

In order to qualify as An Approved Driving Instructor you first have to have a CRB check then have to pass three tests.

These are..

  • The Theory and Hazard Perception combined test (Part 1)
  • The Driving test (Part 2)
  • The Instructional Ability Test (Part 3).

Each test has its own pitfalls but with our course you can be sure of having the correct training to pass all three of the tests.

ADI Part 1

As mentioned above this is the theory and hazard perception part and entirely computer based. The theory is a multiple choice test with a question and 4 possible answers. It is not "just common sense" you will need to study for this test. We can provide all the training material you require.

The pass mark is 85% but you must reach a minimum of 80% in each band. This means you must score 20 out of 25 in each band and get at least 85 questions correct.

The hazard perception has 14 clips of a driving situation. One of the clips has 2 hazards and the maximum mark for each clip is 5. To pass this test you have to score a minimum of 57 out of a possible 75.

At the end of this test you will be given your result. You have to pass both sections together. If you get 100% in the theory for instance and 56 in the hazard you will fail and have to take both parts again together.

Click here to go the gov.uk website for further details.
Click here to try an official test from the gov.uk

ADI Part 2

The practical test of driving ability consists of several parts.

For the eyesight test you must be able to read in good daylight with the aid of glasses or contact lenses, if worn, a motor vehicle registration mark containing letters and figures:
79mm in height and 50mm wide at a distance of 26.5m or 79mm in height and 57mm wide at a distance of 27.5m

You then have 5 vehicle safety questions, these will be questions from the following list: Click here to download the questions

Once the above has been completed your driving test will commence. You will be expected to drive to a high standard to pass this test. You must show that you have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them. The test will last at least one hour, you will be asked to carry out 4 reversing exercises and an emergency stop. The routes used will be of varying road and traffic conditions, including motorway or dual carriageways (where possible). The test will include about 10 minuets of independent driving .

Click here to go the gov.uk website for further details.

ADI Part 3

The test of instructional ability is widely regarded as the hardest test. With the correct training you will find it easier than you think. There are a series of Pre Set Tests (PST's) for you to master and show the examiner you are competent to teach. You have to conduct 2 half hour lessons with the examiner playing the pupil. The examiner will choose which two lessons you have to deliver and these could be: controls, moving off and stopping or Turn In the road amongst others.

Click here to go the gov.uk website for further details.